About Cliff

CliffStandingCliff Jette has been a staff photographer at The Gazette since 2003. Before then he attended graduate school at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communications. He has worked as a freelance photojournalist in Columbus, Ohio, worked as chief photographer at The Sidney Daily News in Sidney, Ohio and completed an extended internship at The Seattle Times. Cliff’s freelance work includes documentary and portrait work for magazines, trade publications and corporate reports as well as fashion and beauty photography. He also holds a BFA in studio art from the University of Arizona.

It was this artistic background that piqued his interest in fashion photography, especially after working as a TA for a fashion lighting instructor while at OU. Cliff greatly enjoys the artistic aspect plus the challenges of controlling the lighting, subject and situations, as opposed to the nature of photojournalism where you work with what you have in realtime.


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